Rotisserie complete set

Rotisserie complete set

The time has come: eagerly awaited and after long development work it is there. The Merklinger Rotisserie for the Merklinger 800! It expands your options on the Merklinger enormously. Roast chicken (Here is a great recipe video), rolled roasts, meat skewers, grilled fish and more can now be prepared with your Merklinger. The rotisserie makes your enjoyment experience even tastier and more relaxed: Heat up the Merklinger, place the dish on the rotisserie spit, sit down with your family and friends and let the rotisserie do the work for you.

In our Rotisserie complete set included are: 1x Rotisserie base incl. motor, 10x Barbecue skewers, 1x Drip tray, 1x Table frame, 1x assembly instructions incl. drilling template


MaterialsStainless steel, electric motor

IMPORTANT! Compatible with the Merklinger 800 from September 2020. For Merklinger before September 2020, please send us photos of the empty interior to The motor can only right be attached. Three holes have to be drilled in the Merklinger for installation, but it doesn't sound difficult. There are detailed assembly instructions including a drilling template.


Original price was: 845,60 €.Current price is: 799,00 €.

incl. 19% VAT

Delivery time: 8 to 10 working days

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