Made in Bavaria.

Merklinger. It's a lifestyle.

Remember lingering evenings in the garden, sharing stories with loved ones as the day turns to dusk? You cook, grill or bake together, talk and laugh around a warm fire. Being in nature, lighting the fire, anticipating the aromatic tastes of the meal to come. Toasting cold glasses, listening to the fire crackling. These are the moments we live for. These are the Merklinger moments.

With the Merklinger, these special moments are not limited to summer. Enjoy them all year round. With your feet surrounded by colourful leaves, or on crunchy snow.

The fire will never fail to enchant and the food to delight - whether it's pizza, bread, tarte flambée, grilling, roasting or smoking Be outside. All year round.

The story behind the Merklinger

Our vision and values

Our values

Familiar. Simple. Honest. Regional.

Our promise

100% Community and enjoyment

Our vision

We want to revolutionize baking, grilling and cooking

Markus Merklinger

The story behind the compact outdoor kitchen.

It began in 2011 with Markus Merklinger’s simple desire to bake bread and pizza using wood fire in the comfort of his own garden. He was reluctant to invest in another machine when his traditional grill was already burning. But what if one machine could do it all – and offer the aroma and conviviality of a wood-fire.

Convinced that there had to be a versatile and compact outdoor kitchen that met this challenge, Markus Merklinger began his quest. To find a wood-fired oven and grill that could do everything without compromises. It had to be robust, uncomplicated, and mobile enough to bake and grill at a neighbor‘s or friend‘s place. Yet, he couldn‘t find what he was looking for. So, the connoisseur and innovator experimented and developed the wood-fired oven and grill according to his dream vision.

After five years of tinkering and countless prototypes, a lot of feedback from like-minded individuals, and the expertise of baking and grilling professionals, the moment arrived in 2016: The Merklinger was born. The outdoor all-rounder for everyone who enjoys shared culinary moments outdoors. For baking, grilling, cooking, smoking. With a built-in campfire atmosphere, compact and versatile. Simply. Something for life.

"The Merklinger is more than just a wood-fired oven. We want to create special moments so that you can take a little time out with your loved ones. Back to nature and simplicity"

- Frank Bertele, Managing Director Marketing/Sales

Social responsibility: for people and the environment

Local craftsmen from the region, such as the carpenter from the neighboring village or the natural fireclay bricks from a family business, stand for sustainable production.

Solid larch wood is used for the legs of the Merklinger. Larch wood is one of the densest and hardest of all native tree species, which is why its wood is very weather-resistant and durable. This makes it ideal for a year-round outdoor kitchen like the Merklinger. In addition to its durability, we also chose larch because its reddish wood forms a striking contrast to the black of the indestructible steel body of our wood-fired oven and grill. 

"Strengthening local craftsmanship, using local expertise, producing fairly with durable materials and functionality. That's what the Merklinger stands for."

- Markus Merklinger, Managing Director Production

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