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Dietmar Kappl

  • Master baker at Reichl
  • Baking courses - Homebaking Academy
  • German Bakery Academy Weinheim
  • www.homebaking.at


"Unimaginable! The heat, the coloring, the crusts, the oven drift - simply amazing! Baking in the Merklinger fascinates me because it's so unique. It's perfect for families. Uncomplicated, simple and compact, so that everyone can use it. I use it not only for events and as a highlight for my bread baking courses, but also at home for cooking, baking and barbecuing with my family."

Oliver Sievers

  • Reigning BBQ world champion
  • President GBA
  • Book author
  • Meat sommelier


"The Merklinger is a lot of fun. There's nothing you can't prepare: Long jobs, steaks, beef brisket, sausages, pizza, bread and more - everything is possible. Direct, indirect, slow cooking or preparing food at a high temperature in a short time. I love the ease of use and the great temperature control. As a former table cook, I am of course particularly impressed by the high-quality materials, the great workmanship and the well thought-out details - and all of this is made in Germany. The Merklinger is exactly what you need for your family!"

Heiko Brath


"Anyone who likes to play with fire is in the right place with the Merklinger. A German product that is absolutely convincing both in terms of its feel and its look and that simply has to be fun to grill and bake with. You have so many options thanks to the different set-up variants that there's probably nothing you can't prepare on the Merklinger."

Josef Hartl


"The Merklinger mainly impressed me with its flexibility. I sometimes cook and grill on the firebricks, sometimes on the grill grate. I use the final embers for smoking or flavoring. That's what makes it so unique. It also reaches operating temperature very quickly, is "Made in Germany", has a great look and show character. It's always something special for my guests"

Daniel Parzen

  • Master butcher
  • Meat sommelier
  • BBQ pro


"The Merklinger mainly impressed me with its versatility. Whether as a pizza/bread oven, grill rack for direct grilling, the indirect area for long jobs such as beef brisket or pulled pork. The look is beautiful and an eye-catcher in any garden. The handling is very intuitive and the play of flames from the wood in the combustion chamber is also beautiful to watch."

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