Bake, grill and cook with a real wood fire

Baking, grilling, cooking and smoking with wood.

Your Merklinger has arrived home - now the fun begins.

With the high-quality, precisely manufactured natural fireclay bricks, crispy pizzas or tarte flambée, hearty bread and sweet pastries are guaranteed.

Especially developed for your Merklinger is our extendable grill grate- the perfect way to grill. Meat, fish and vegetables are given a characteristic wood fire aroma and remain beautifully tender and juicy on the inside.

The Merklinger 600, 800 and 1200 are also suitable for hot and cold smoking. This allows you to preserve meat, fish and vegetables - and give everything a delicious smoked flavor. Mild or spicy, you decide!

The Merklinger is ready to use as soon as you receive it. Its ease of use makes heating, baking, cooking, grilling and cleaning child's play.

First steps

Set up

Simply roll or place the Merklinger in the desired location in your garden or on the patio at home. The surface should be level and firm so that your Merklinger is stable and as straight as possible. Please make sure that there are no flammable objects in the immediate vicinity. For Merklinger 600, 800 and 1200, the stainless steel heat shieldcan be mounted on the back of the Merklinger. This allows the Merklinger to be placed close to backgrounds.

Your Merklinger is supplied 99% assembled. All you need to do is attach the chimney pipe with the stainless steel hood and, if desired, fit a side table and you're ready to go.


Before you grill or bake for the first time, you should burn in the Merklinger.

Open the door of the combustion chamber (bottom door) and stack 6-8 logs approx. 8-10 cm/center from the front edge of the door. The logs should be stacked in such a way that there is enough air between them. This allows the flames to develop quickly. 

After approx. 20 minutes, the Merklinger wood-fired oven should have reached a temperature of approx. 200°C. Now add more logs and heat the oven to a temperature of 300 - 400°C. Keep the temperature above 300°C for one hour.

A slight smell of paint may be produced during the baking process. As soon as this color odor has disappeared, the baking process is complete and the Merklinger is ready for use.

Heating up and cleaning

Heating up

Domestic hardwood such as beech wood is the best choice for heating the Merklinger. To prepare, it is best to place small logs in the stove to light the fire. If you always stack approx. 6-8 logs crosswise in pairs, the fire will catch quickly.

Then light 2-3 stove lighters and place them under the piled wood. The logs should be stacked in such a way that there is enough air between them. This allows the flames to develop quickly.

Meanwhile, leave the air supply slots open and leave the combustion chamber door ajar - this will help the fire to ignite with plenty of draught. Keep the flap in the chimney pipe open during the entire lighting process so that the Merklinger can draw optimally.


After grilling or baking, we recommend using the pyrolysis process to burn out the Merklinger. This means that you simply burn away the food residues. To do this, heat the oven to 350-400° C. At this temperature, all soiling will dissolve. After cooling down, the residues can simply be swept out with our broom. The Extendable grill grate can also be brushed off with a grill brush if necessary.

If the thermometer should darken due to soot particles, you can easily clean the glass surface with an oven spray or a suitable oven glass cleaner.


Can I extend the stove pipe?  

You can of course extend the stove pipe. Just make sure that if you extend it 500 mm to the side, for example, it must also be extended 500 mm upwards so that you have a clean air flow.

How do the Merklinger models differ?

All models are real all-rounders (baking, grilling, cooking and more). The workmanship and attention to detail are identical. The only difference is the size. The Merklinger 600 offers you a 60 cm x 50 cm baking/grilling/cooking surface, the 800 has an 80 cm x 50 cm baking/grilling/cooking surface and the 1200 is the really big one with a baking/grilling/cooking surface of 120 cm x 70 cm. The Bobby is the compact Merklinger with a baking/cooking surface of 54 cm x 42 cm. You can find a detailed overview here:

How long is the heating time?

The heating time is approx. 10 - 30 minutes. The compact Merklinger Bobby takes 10 minutes to heat up. The Merklinger 600, 800 or 1200 take 15 - 20 minutes to heat up for grilling and 30 minutes for baking. Why? The 4.5 cm thick firebricks take a little longer to heat up.

I have a question about operation - who can I contact?

To us!!! Our customer service is available by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)8231 9883585) - we are always there for you! We regularly organize baking and grilling seminars, as well as a food festival twice a year. We also regularly share new ideas and recipes on social media.

For advice on Merklinger products, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on +49 (0)8231 9883584.

The Merklinger 600, 800 or 1200 weigh over 200 kg - can they be transported with a trailer?

Yes, no problem. The Merklinger wood-fired oven can be easily transported on a trailer or pickup truck thanks to its sturdy solid rubber wheels. On collection, we will help you load the oven (with wooden ramps) and secure it with transport straps (ratchet straps).

Pay attention to your safety when loading and unloading. We recommend using two safe loading ramps or wooden ramps. Please make sure that you are never alone when unloading.

Is production really carried out entirely in Bavaria?

Yes, unlike our competitors, all parts are either manufactured by us or within a radius of 10 km. This means we can guarantee very high quality and at the same time support local businesses in Bavaria. That is very important to us.

How long does the Merklinger stay hot?

For as long as you like! Unlike conventional wood-fired ovens, the MERKLINGER has a separate fire and baking chamber. This means you can add wood as required to maintain or increase your temperature.

This means you can prepare a wide variety of dishes at different temperature levels throughout the day.

How do I empty the ash?

The ash can be emptied through the fire door using an ash shovel. However, we recommend leaving the ash in the combustion chamber after use and distributing it evenly. The ash in the combustion chamber helps with the next use and provides a more beautiful and consistent ember, which keeps the heat longer (energy storage).

What makes firebricks so special?

The high-quality refractory bricks are produced especially for Merklinger without harmful substances such as lead (as is the case with some manufacturers).

Our fireclay bricks are natural fireclay bricks, 4.5 cm thick and corrugated at the bottom. The principle is similar to underfloor heating and provides you with a nice, even heat distribution for the crispiest breads, pizzas and tarte flambée.

Can I also grill indirectly with the MERKLINGER?

Yes, thanks to the large combustion chamber, you can create individual heat zones and fireplaces in the oven and prepare your dishes with indirect heat.  

What can I prepare in the Merklinger?

The MERKLINGER is your compact outdoor kitchen and offers you the same options as your oven, grill, hob and smoker - only in one!

You prepare your favorite dishes in a playful and fun way. These include pizzas, tarte flambée, bread, cakes, cookies, roast pork, suckling pig, chicken, grilled specialties, casseroles and much more. You can also smoke spare ribs or tasty trout, for example.

Which wood should I use?

The right wood is an important factor in the success of your favorite dishes when using the Merklinger. All types of wood are suitable. We recommend beech wood with a residual moisture content of 12 - 18% and little bark on the logs.

Do you find the Merklinger exciting and want to try it out?

No problem. Come to one of our events.

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